Hallock's Sacagawea Dollar

    Hallock Coin Jewelry has the newest style in coin jewelry. Sacagawea the 23 year old Shoshone woman was the guide employed by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804 as they explored & mapped the northwest territory of what is now the Western United States. This coin is the most popular struck in America in 100 years.
     Our artists and jewelers have gone to work making this piece of history a work of art and a thing of beauty for you to enjoy and share with others. We make several fine jewelry items featuring the new Dollar and we are now introducing the hand enameled Sacagawea Dollar. This coin is hand painted and then covered with an epoxy coating which unlike other coins on the market today will retain its luster and colors almost indefinitely. Take a look !

The Painted Sacagawea Dollar. We also carry hand picked uncirculated gem quality Sacagawea Dollars.

This is a work of art and a piece of history to be shown to the world

We sell this one for a Buck with the purchase of a matching Jewelry piece !

This Sacagawea Coin is the first struck by the U.S. Mint to feature a historical Native American Woman. She, her baby, and the coin are wonderful. Order your piece of history today !

Sacagawea Money Clip

Sacagawea Key Chain

Sacagawea Rope & Wire Bezel

Sacagawea Teardrop Bezel

Sacagawea Diamond Cut Bezel

Sacagawea Diamond Cut Rope Bezel

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