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Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins 

    Hallock Coin Jewelry has the largest selection of coins from America and around the world. We can provide you with the most complete selection of coins. 

    You can even select coins by the year. Grandpa was born in 1925, we have genuine U.S. coins, gold or silver, with that date! You like the 1999 Panda, we have it for you. Personalize your gift with a date. Call with questions about any coin price and availability the dates your customer needs.    

    Hallock Coin Jewelry sells a variety of Bullion coins recognizable worldwide for their beauty and value. Among them those are the American Eagle and the South African Krugerrand pictured below. We also carry a bullion coins from around the world, including but not limited to the Australian Kangaroo, Chinese Panda, Isle of Man Cat Coins, Canadian Maple Leaf and dozens more!

These are commodities ! Call for prices daily !

   United States 1 Ounce Gold Eagle

    South African Krugerrand

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