About Us

    Hallock Coin Jewelry is a prime manufacturer of coin jewelry products. This provides you with the most complete selection of coin jewelry in the world. We have over 25 years experience at your disposal. 

    Do you need a coin frame, ring or bracelet ? We can refer you a jeweler or coin shop in your area that carries our complete line of coin frames. Our family of stores will have our latest catalog to browse thru. We will send styles to participating stores on your approval, with no obligation to yourself or the store. 

    Call or eMail us today for a store near you. If you prefer to shop the internet, we will refer you to one our many online stores. 

    In order to search your area please provide us with either phone area codes or zip codes that you will travel too. 

    We will call you or eMail a list of stores you can visit.

   Hallock's Master Jewelry Artists

    Hallock Coin Jewelry creates a variety of beautiful works of art in gold and silver using many techniques. We are busy making a masterpiece for you. From our Chain Machines we produce many different styles. We have the best in high technology Laser Welders to the old fashioned Hand Torch Welders we can make almost anything the imagination can visualize. We use modern Die Striking and punching presses to keep our costs low and our quality consistent on many of our coin bezels. All of our Jewelry is Hand Polished to a bright shine before leaving our factory.

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